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A Little Color Goes A Long Way

By July 15, 2015August 17th, 2016Interior Decor

Within my job, I am asked to do so many things, from accessories and furniture, to appliance and materials selections.  One of the things I am tasked with most often is interior paint.  A client has either moved into a home that is not their style, or built a home that comes with stark white walls.  Whatever the situation, I pack up my paint decks, and head out for a consult.  Paint is a very personal choice, and the same tones and colors certainly don’t appeal to everyone. I make a point to steer clients in the right direction for their style and home, while keeping in mind the colors that really speak to them.  Check out one of my favorite first floor before and afters.  When we started, the previous owner had clearly loved to mix it up, color wise.  I counted seven colors that I could see from the foyer.  My ideal is to keep your home harmonious and flowing, and you can use varying colors within the same family to create a balanced and inviting look.  I had to ask my client to have faith in me in this case, because a few of the colors were outside their comfort zone, but I knew they were perfect.  The results are gorgeous, and prove a little color goes a long way. Check out the before and after photos!