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Historic Home with Glam Interior

By February 28, 2015Interior Decor

I’ve been working on a historic home in the Congress Park neighborhood for a couple of months now. This has been one of my favorite jobs to date! My work varies so much from client to client. With some clients, we just have one or two meetings, so I can help them kickstart some ideas. Other clients just want help with paint choices and a few small accessories. I love all of the work, and love to help people turn their houses into homes. But my favorite jobs of all are the total redos. Paint colors, furniture, accessories, the works. I love to take a project from start to finish, and to see how a home can transform with the right color and decor choices.

I love this Congress Park home. It’s full of historic charm, it’s warm and inviting, and the space is beautiful. While my client loves the charm, she also loves glam, she loves elegance, and she loves things that surprise people. She entertains guests often, and wants to make sure there is space for people to kick back and relax as well. She travels far and wide…and often, for work. We have been utilizing all forms of social media to stay connected, and we find that we are able to make it work.

So historic mixed with modern glam? How do we do it? How can we pull it off?

Here is a sneak peak at some of the pieces so far, and more photos will be added to theĀ portfolio as we wrap up. It’s still a work in progress…but it’s coming together so wonderfully. I’ll be sad when this project one day comes to a close…it’s become a bit of a labor of love.