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Work For Pay or Work For Play?

By July 14, 2015July 15th, 2015Habitat

Today is a great day because I have some exciting news to share: I’m finally sitting in my home office.  And let me tell you, I’m loving it.

I started my business between our coffee table and our dining table.  And sometimes with my laptop…well, in my lap.  It certainly was not the ideal background for starting a business from scratch, but hey, grab life by the horns and all that.  So, I plugged away.  I wrote blogs, created design boards, researched, shopped, designed my website (with my awesome web designer/partner in crime-Hey Mike!), from cramped and uninspiring spaces.  Our rental was lovely, but it was never our “home”, and I never got to make it feel like home, because we weren’t there very long in the grand scheme of life.

So finally, after what felt like forever; seriously, felt like forever, we moved into our home.  And I have had so much fun decorating, adding our artwork and pieces we have collected from our travels, and filling it with finishing touches that have caught my eye along the way.  It’s been such a joy to take my professional work and create a home for our family.  I took care of my son’s room first…don’t we all, and then moved on to the shared family spaces.  And finally, my office.

Oh, to have some privacy while working.  To not be surrounded by toys.  To take a phone call in a quiet and tranquil place.  When you work from home, it’s the dream.  I promise you, the dream.

And so, off we went.  I decided to go with built ins, because we plan to be here for a long long time.  So many people don’t believe me!  Mike and I have moved and moved and moved, traveled and lived all over.  No one seems to believe that we actually plan to stay put for a while….maybe in 10 years, they’ll believe us 🙂  So, yes, built ins!  We hired a simply AMAZING contractor, and with my design and his skills, off we went.

It was a slow and tedious process (well…it felt that way-it took maybe 6 total days of work).  But, it stretched out over two weeks. And when you have a toddler to entertain, being house bound for the better part of two weeks can wear on you.  I’m sure Joe (our amazing contractor!), didn’t NEED us to be home the whole time.  But, I’ve been told that I like things done my way, on my schedule, and I like to be involved.  That may be true…but I’m super nice about it, and well, things get done, don’t they?

The work and patience paid off, and I’m writing today, my first blog from a quiet, uncluttered, single use space.  And I’m thrilled.  I figure if I can start a business from my couch with a laptop and a dream…I can pretty much conquer the world from here.