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Small Changes, Big Impact

By December 17, 2014Interior Decor

What I have heard most often from my clients is how overwhelmed they feel in decorating.  Where do I start?  How do I make everything work together? What will make the most impact?  What I often tell them is that small changes can have a huge impact, and you can start with one small change to drive the rest of the space.

IMG_3789Years ago, in our old home, I decided I wanted new light fixtures in our guest bath.  I didn’t like the Hollywood lights that builders are so fond of, and wanted something that reflected our style.  Lighting led to faucets, faucets led to backsplash, backsplash led to new mirrors…and if we are taking the time to do all of this…why not paint too?  You see where I’m going with this.  My point is, starting with one small change, lighting, I ended up re-decorating the whole space.  The end result was beautiful, and reflected my style.

Another project that took on a life of it’s own was when I decided that I wanted a new light fixture in IMG_3790the stairwell (if you haven’t noticed I’m really into lighting).  The stairwell was open on two sides, and had huge floor to ceiling windows viewed from the street.  I needed the light to be visually appealing when lit up at night…but to also catch your eye during the day.  I decided on an enormous hanging fixture from Ikea.  Well…once we had that hung…the white walls weren’t showing off the light like I wanted.  So…paint!  Painting 20 foot ceilings was not, and is still not, my idea of a good time.  It took a ladder borrowed from a neighbor, many stolen evenings once the wee one went to sleep, and several gallons of paint.  I finished the space off with some simple frames that I created using scrapbook paper and metal frames I found at Michael’s for $1!  And, voila!  I got the impact that I wanted. Small change, inexpensive change, big impact.

IMG_3792Our master closet was another project of mine.  I wanted a glam closet.  I wanted to walk in and say…ahhhhhh.  It all started with a chandelier.  I thought…well, if it’s glam I want, glam I will get.   A chandelier, some wallpaper, and built in shelving turned my otherwise non-descript closet into a fashion lover’s dream.

To refresh a space, even something as simple as changing out an area rug can make a huge difference. IMG_3791 Changing the color and style of an area rug can create a whole new feel to your space.  Check out our old living room, and what a big impact the new rug made.  It felt lighter, brighter, and more modern. I have since recovered all of the pillows, to further rejuvenate the space.

In the end, if you take it one piece at a time, you’ll feel less overwhelmed.  Start with one small piece that you love, and build from that.  So much of decor and design is personal style.  If you love your home and furnishings, if you feel you are reflected in the space, if you are confident and love your decor…..that makes the biggest impact of all.

Of course, if you are overwhelmed, I’m here to help you turn your home into that beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of.