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Over The River And Through The Woods…

By November 24, 2014December 17th, 2014Habitat

…To a Cabin in Beulah we go! I spent some time last weekend shopping with a client, and we had a fantastic time. She owns a cabin in Beulah, CO, and when she bought it, it came complete with a variety of furnishings, window coverings, and knick knacks. She told me that she wants to modernize the space….as is, it just isn’t her. She also doesn’t feel that it will attract as many clients as she hopes with it’s current decor.

The trick of it is, she also lives here. This is her primary home, and she rents part, or all of the cabin, to suit her guests’ needs. So, the space needs to reflect her own personal style and taste, while appealing to potential guests. What I love about her…she’s willing to take risks. She is willing to step outside of her comfort zone. She wants to hear new ideas, and create an inviting space that she would never have chosen on her own. She loves everything I’ve done so far, and that is truly a great feeling.

But, what I love most about her cabin is this quote from her online ad:

This cabin is termed “The Giving Cabin” because it is meant to give peace and rest to all who enter and 100% of the profits for the rent of this home will be going toward Murwira Children’s Home.

I think this is simply fantastic, especially during this season of giving thanks and helping others. She is renting out part of her own beautiful home, to make money to give back. I jumped at the chance to help her transform the space.

We are moving towards a warm and inviting color scheme; soft grays and creams with a pop of warm red thrown in for contrast. We’ve chosen rugs, pillows, throws and baskets. We are still working on the larger pieces, and plan to get out shopping again soon. In fact I head down to Beulah this weekend to see the space in person and continue our work. I’ve never been, but I am excited to help such an amazing person turn their home into a place of rest and tranquility, into a place that exists for the purpose of bringing good to others.

When I started this I hoped to inspire others. I had no idea how inspiring they would be for me.