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I Am A Creature Of Habit

By September 29, 2014December 17th, 2014Habitat

And so it begins. My journey into the career I should have started years ago. Design, decor, outdoor living, staging….all of my creative passion settles into each of these areas. I love texture, color, style, space, and everything in between. As I start to make my way, feet first, into my new career, I am excited to share the designs, ideas and creative notions that catch my eye. But, let me start by telling you how I got here.

I say I’m a creature of habit, well, because I’d had a good thing going for a long time. I’d spent most of my professional career as a Recruiter. And I was good at it. I had a wonderful boss, and each and every time my life changed…moving, marriage, baby….my boss was able to help me mold my career to fits those changing needs. And my life moved happily along. Though I was good at what I did, and had passion for it… the back of my mind, I always knew that Interior Design and Decor was something I had to do….some day, some day, was what I always said.

But, change is hard and scary. And if you have a good thing going, why rock the boat? What necessitates change if your needs are being met? Why walk away from something you are good at, and a place where you are well received and well liked….to take a chance?

Luckily, my boss sold the company, and the answer was clear. Change was being forced on me. So, why not bend the change to suit my passion? The Time Is Now.

And so here I sit. My Interior Design Certification underway, website created, business launching. The creature of habit in me thinks….oh wow…so much change…so little time! The rest of me is beyond excited. To finally immerse myself in my passion. To share that passion with others. To start a business on my terms. To do it my way. Habit be darned. Change is good. Change is the spice of life.